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Returning Your Full Smile With Dentures

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Losing all or most of your natural teeth can quickly impact your ability to enjoy life. Simple activities such as eating and speaking become a real chore without the aid of the teeth you rely upon to bite and articulate your speech. Your health may suffer as you lose out on nutrition from foods that you can no longer chew. Fortunately, modern prosthodontics can replace your missing teeth with a complete set of dentures! At your Dallas, TX dental practice, we could design a prosthetic that returns your bite and fits the specific dimensions of your jaw.

The Impact Of Total Tooth Loss

Also known as edentulism, the loss of most or all of your teeth immediately takes a toll on your quality of life. The loss of your chewing ability means radically altering your diet to include only soft and liquid foods. While skipping your favorite meals is no fun, your nutritional intake becomes limited, which can lead to further health problems. Because you rely on your teeth to form words, your ability to be clearly understood is affected as well. You may become embarrassed with the change in your voice and limit socializing with others.

Your teeth play a vital role in supporting your lips and facial muscles, and thus losing them can create a rapidly aging appearance. By placing a full set of dentures, we could restore this lost support and improve your ability to chew and speak once again!

Creating Your New Prosthetic

To fit the unique shape of your mouth and jaw, we must customize the design of your dentures to your specific dimensions. Using special cameras, we will take digital images of your smile to create a three-dimensional model of your new teeth. To prepare your smile for receiving your prosthetic, we will also extract any few remaining teeth.

Wearing Your New Teeth

It may take a little time to adjust to your prosthetic, but the good news is that today’s modern devices feel more natural than before! To care for your dentures, you will take them out at night to soak in a protective solution. By regularly cleaning your new teeth, you can prevent the buildup of oral bacteria that could affect your health. At follow-up appointments, we will inspect your prosthetic to see that it still fits and offer adjustments when necessary.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX Dental Office About Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can create a cascading amount of oral health issues when left untreated. To improve your quality of life by returning your bite and the beauty of your smile, consider wearing a custom-made prosthetic. A set of dentures can support your facial structure as well even when you have lost all your teeth. To learn more and schedule an appointment, call Bliss Dental in Dallas, TX at (469) 300-7677.