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tooth extraction illustration

Here at Dr. Sheth’s office, it’s easy to see that we are passionate about teeth. We’ve built our careers around strengthening and beautifying our patient’s smiles, one tooth at a time. We are excited to talk about preventing dental diseases, restoring damaged teeth, and we strive to keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life!

Unfortunately, despite our earnest efforts and your hard work at home, it is sometimes necessary to remove one or more permanent teeth. We won’t waste your time and your resources trying to save a tooth that just can’t be saved. Instead, we may recommend extracting it and replacing it with a high-quality alternative.
There are several scenarios in which a tooth extraction may be necessary:

Expect the Best

Most extractions can be completed in the dental office under local anesthesia. When the gum tissue and the teeth are sufficiently numb, the tooth can be loosened and wiggled free from the socket. The extraction site may require just a few sutures, and sterile gauze will be used to control bleeding. You should expect your extraction to be completed smoothly and without complications.

Should an unexpected event arise, remain calm. Dr. Sheth and the rest of the team are prepared to manage the circumstances and they will inform you of any changes or developments regarding your treatment.

Doctor’s Orders

Prior to your extraction, you will receive detailed information as to the reason for the procedure as well as any related risks or consequences. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to manage your extraction site in the days and weeks following the surgery. Following Dr. Sheth’s instructions and asking for clarification when necessary will provide you with the very best chance for a quick and comfortable recovery. Failing to adhere to these recommendations could put you at risk for an infection, pain, or worse.

Please contact our office today to learn more about these and other general dentistry services.