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Full & Partial Dentures

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For our patients who are missing several teeth, those patients with no remaining natural teeth, or adults who are considering the idea of having their remaining teeth extracted, removable partials and dentures are an efficient and cost-effective way to hold on to their smiles.

Full Dentures and Partials: What are They?

Your false teeth will be expertly crafted in the dental laboratory using detailed impressions of your own anatomy. Along with impressions and models of your mouth, we also incorporate the small details that make your smile unique. Therefore, the size and shape of your false teeth, the shade of the teeth, and even the color of the acrylic “gum tissue” are customized to various degrees to give you a look that’s perfect for you.

These removable replacements for missing teeth consists of false teeth that have been secured to a base which will fit over the gums, on the floor of the mouth, or across the roof of the mouth and can be adjusted or modified for the upper or lower jaw.

What’s the Difference?

You might select a partial denture when you are missing several teeth. For instance, many patients choose this option when only the back teeth are missing, or when only the front teeth are missing. Most partials are made of a durable acrylic base or a base that has been cast from metal. There must be at least a few natural teeth remaining to anchor the partial, and clasps or other attachments are typically used to lock it into place.

In comparison, you might select a denture of you are completely edentulous or if you are planning to have all of your teeth taken out. It’s a full-sized resin base attached to a set of natural-looking teeth.

Enjoy the Benefits of Partials and Full Dentures

This is your chance to enjoy the smile of your choice. Whereas your natural teeth may not have been as white as you would have liked or as straight as you would have preferred, your false teeth can be styled according to your requests.

False teeth are an affordable way to enjoy a second chance at having a great smile. We invite you to contact us today to set up your consultation.