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General Dentistry

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You’ve got a one-of-a-kind smile, and our general dentistry services are designed to keep it that way throughout your lifetime. To meet your changing dental needs and the needs of your family members as well, we provide a variety of dental services that can be combined.

So that we may continue to offer the services that are safest and most efficient, we are excited to take part in a number of continuing education opportunities each year. Keeping abreast of the latest and greatest in dental procedures and technology, enables our team to provide you with the best possible oral healthcare.

Our general dentistry services include, but are not limited to:


Taking the time to perform a thorough and complete examination allows us to gather important information about your oral health. A review of your medical history, simple digital x-rays, clinical charting, and oral cancer screenings are useful in helping us to provide you with focused, accurate, and effective dental care.

Preventive Care

A routine dental visit is so much more than a simple “cleaning”. We want to help protect your smile. Services such as polishing, fluoride treatments, sealants, and oral hygiene instructions can help to prevent a lot of the most common dental diseases.

Periodontal Care

If tarter buildup and gum disease are destroying your gum tissue, causing tenderness, bleeding, or bad breath, we may recommend a deep cleaning (also known as scaling and root planing) for you. It’s the first step in fighting periodontal disease, and once it’s complete, we’ll keep you on track with regular scheduled periodontal maintenance appointments and oral hygiene advice.

TMJ/TMD Disorders

Stiffness, tightness, popping, clicking, and pain in the jaw joint are common symptoms of a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a condition that can often be diagnosed and treated with non-invasive techniques.

Custom Nightguards

Custom-fitted nightguards protect against grinding of the teeth (bruxism), especially while sleeping. Bruxism is most common in children.


Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to remove one or more permanent teeth. We may recommend extracting it and replacing it with a high-quality alternative.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, we can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.