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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

x-ray of wisdom teeth

As the most commonly needed extraction, wisdom tooth removal is often a necessary oral health procedure. These teeth (also referred to as third molars) can cause a host of health complications including painful infections and orthodontic problems. Due to the many concerns associated with third molar retention, our dentist offers gentle wisdom tooth extractions to help our patients enjoy abundant oral health and vibrant wellbeing.

Why Wisdom Teeth Cause Oral Health Problems

Third molars come through the gums during early adulthood, normally between the ages of 17 and 25. This being years after tooth transition, a natural process where adult teeth replace baby teeth, threatens the placement of existing teeth. With limited room in the mouth to come through the gums upright, wisdom teeth tend to become impacted. This means that the crowns of third molars will partially erupt through the gums, if at all. Impacted teeth create an increased risk for infection and gum disease. Neighboring teeth are also vulnerable to decay and infection.

In addition to an increased risk for infections, retaining wisdom teeth can lead to orthodontic problems. Teeth may shift to overlapped and crowded positions when third molars erupt. Misaligned teeth are difficult to keep clean, thus furthering a patient’s risk for periodontal disease and dental caries. Lastly, wisdom tooth retention tends to produce discomfort in the form of frequent headaches, facial pain, and toothaches.

How Oral Surgery Can Help

Removing wisdom teeth is paramount to preventing many oral health complications. By removing third molars early on, patients can avoid orthodontic issues, tooth decay, and gum disease. When performing oral surgery, our team takes special care to ensure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed. We administer anesthetic and pain reliving medication and use the latest surgical methods and technology to provide the gentlest experience possible.

We are currently accepting new patients. For those seeking expert advice on wisdom tooth removal, we offer free consultations with our dentist. Call our friendly staff today to reserve an appointment.