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Bonding | Tooth-colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings

Dental bonding provides restorative and cosmetic benefits that have been trusted by dental professionals for decades. It is an easy and effective procedure that can be used to fill voids and chipped edges on the teeth as well as closing small gaps between the teeth. It’s satisfying, conservative, and can generally be completed in just one dental visit.

Proven Techniques, Modern Materials

After so many years, dental bonding is still a reasonable and durable treatment option. However, for a superior outcome, Dr. Sheth performs the procedure using modern, high-performance tooth-colored dental materials. Today’s bonding materials are made from highly polishable resin composites that are stronger and more beautiful than the bonding materials of the past. The result is a gorgeous restoration that reflects light naturally because of its translucent, realistic properties.

What’s Involved?

Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure, making it a great option for treating a single tooth or a few teeth, depending upon your preference. To ensure your comfort, Dr. Sheth may need to numb your gums and teeth in the area that you plan to have treated. If necessary, the enamel may need to be gently roughened and coated with a dental adhesive before the bonding material is placed. Once the bonding material has been properly shaped and contoured, it will be set (or cured) with a special curing light. After curing is complete, the bonding can be smoothed and polished.

What are the Advantages of Bonding?

Even the tiniest imperfections can mar your smile and create a distraction in your appearance. When you step out of the dental office with your newly-bonded smile, we hope that you’ll feel a new sense of confidence and pride.

To learn more about improving your smile with bonding, contact us to arrange your consultation today.