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Crowns and Bridges

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Weak or damaged teeth can be reconstructed and reinforced with modern dental materials and time-tested dental techniques. Whenever possible, strengthening a compromised tooth with a dental crown can extend the life of that tooth, providing you with an attractive smile as well as a balanced chewing surface. In fact, when multiple dental crowns are joined together, this sturdy restorative concept even becomes an effective means for replacing one or more missing teeth.

What is a Dental Crown?

Essentially, it’s a permanent cap that covers the visible surfaces of a tooth. It is very similar to the shape and size of the original tooth, and it is designed with smooth contours and detailed anatomy for greater comfort and efficient function. This form of full-coverage is the solution of choice when you desire to save a broken tooth, a tooth with a large cavity or a large filling, or a tooth that is no longer vital due to a root canal treatment.

What Materials are Used to Make Crowns?

Since a crown’s main purpose is to add strength and protection to the tooth, it is generally made from durable materials such as white gold, stainless steel, or similar metals. To add a realistic appearance, these metals are often coated with a layer of ceramic or porcelain, an added touch that can make the crown look more like a natural tooth. The final result is a stronger tooth that, under normal circumstances, won’t break or come off during meals.

Functional and Beautiful, All-in-One

A metal crown with a porcelain coating can bear very close resemblance to a real tooth because it can be expertly shaded to match the rest of your smile. However, our access to the very best restorative materials enables us to offer crowns that are metal-free, made only of porcelain or ceramic. These beautiful crowns are as strong and as functional as the metal crowns, although they tend to look much more natural and have a lower allergenic potential.

What is a Dental Bridge?

When three or more crowns are linked together and fabricated as a single unit, the restoration will be long enough to span the distance between two natural teeth. It’s an effective and efficient way to permanently restore the space that has been created by a missing tooth, and it’s made from the same high-quality materials and techniques as a single crown.

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