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Satisfying Cavity Care With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Woman with attractive smile lifelike dental filling conceptOnce you learn you have a cavity, will you have to let go of your confident and attractive smile? For decay that affects front teeth in particular, this can be a serious concern. What you can find is that there are effective restorations that provide protection for teeth without changing how they look! Our Dallas, TX dental practice uses materials that closely imitate healthy enamel when we provide dental fillings. In doing so, we can protect your tooth structure and prevent new problems while still preserving how you look! Porcelain and ceramic restorations are also available when issues are too severe for dental fillings.

Will You Feel Comfortable With Your Smile After Cavity Treatment?

Your tooth will need the support of a custom restoration after you suffer a cavity. While our tooth enamel is an impressively strong substance, it is limited in what it can do after it experiences damage. A cavity’s formation will lead to worsening problems over time until the matter is addressed professionally. You may worry that your procedure will end with the placement of a restoration made from an unflattering metal substance. What you can find instead is that we can use a tooth-colored material to take on the problem without altering how you look!

Learn What Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Do For You

A tooth-colored dental filling made from a polishable resin composite can actually blend in with surrounding enamel, making it difficult for anyone to notice that you had to have work done. After carefully removing infected tissues and cleaning the affected area, the resin substance is applied to your tooth at the affected area. Once it is applied, carefully shaped, and contoured to avoid unwanted attention, a curing light will harden the material. At this point, you can walk away with your tooth looking naturally and enjoying long-term protection!

Our Commitment To Lasting Smile Care

While we are proud to provide dental services that respond to trouble without altering your smile, we also take your long-term oral health seriously. Lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns placed to protect vulnerable teeth are capable of withstanding years of pressure whenever you bite and chew. As a result, they let you maintain your dental function and continue to keep your enamel safe long after treatment! We can provide regular evaluations of restorations you have received whenever you come in for general dental exams.

Talk To Your Euless, TX Dentist About Receiving A Tooth-Colored Filling!

Our practice is proud to make restorative services that preserve your smile available to you. For more information on receiving a tooth-colored filling, contact our Dallas office today at 972- 307-7777. Euless area patients with concerns about dental decay and treatment can contact our Euless office today at 469-300-7677.