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Will I be able to feel the difference once a dental crown is placed?

dental crowns CarrolltonDental crowns are used to treat a myriad of dental conditions. When fitted and placed correctly, the patient should never feel any different than before treatment was rendered. Your dentist is somewhat of an artist when it comes to this type of cosmetic dentistry, so once completed, your new custom crown should look and feel totally natural.

Why Might I Require a Crown? 

Repair a tooth fracture: When a tooth breaks, there are two options … repair with a crown or extract the tooth. Whenever possible, your dentist will almost always recommend saving your tooth. Correct deep dental decay: When a tooth is deeply impacted by decay, your dentist may recommend repairing the tooth with a dental crown. A partial crown such as an inlay or onlay may be all that is needed for this application. Seal a tooth following root canal therapy: Also known as endodontic therapy, this treatment is required when the nerve of a tooth has been damaged. An access point is needed to remove the contents of the tooth’s root canals; following treatment that access point must be sealed. Very often a dental crown is used. Support a fixed prosthesis: A permanent bridge can be placed by crowning the teeth on both sides where teeth are missing. Cover a dental implant: A dental implant provides a permanent option when a tooth is lost. The crown is the cosmetic restoration used to cover the implant as the final step for this treatment option.

Preparation, Placement and Care for Dental Crowns

Your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing much of it leaving a base for the replacement crown to be affixed. A dental impression will be sent to the dental lab; a temporary crown will be applied to be worn until your permanent crown is ready. On seat day, your dentist will try in and make sure your crown fits correctly and looks great before cementing into place. Finally, there is nothing special needed for their care. You will just brush twice daily and floss once a day to remove what your toothbrush couldn’t reach. And visit our team at Bliss Dental every six months for cleaning and exams.