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What Types of Dental Crowns Are Available?

dental crowns carrolltonDental crowns are commonly used for restorations when teeth have been broken, severely cracked, severely decayed, or have been treated with a root canal procedure. Crowns were once exclusively made of metal, but now there are more available options.

Types of Dental Crowns

For many years, dental crowns were mostly made of gold, although some crowns, usually used on younger patients’ baby teeth, were made of stainless steel. Now, if you need a crown you can choose from a few different options, depending upon the location of the crown and how much stress it is likely to have to endure.

The basic types of crowns are:

  • Metal—gold crowns are still a popular option, especially for molars
  • Porcelain—these tooth-colored crowns are popular for front teeth
  • Bonded metal—metal bonded with porcelain, these crowns are both natural looking and strong

The type of crown you choose to have is based on where it will be located and upon your personal preference. A gold crown is very functional for molars, but if you prefer to have a tooth-colored crown, you can choose porcelain or bonded metal. However, porcelain tends to wear more quickly than metal, especially on molars where it is subjected to much stronger biting and chewing pressure. Your dentist can help you decide on the best choice that incorporates functionality, durability, and attractiveness.

Uses for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are most often used for restorations that cannot be repaired with a filling. Most commonly, they are used on teeth that:

  • Are severely decayed
  • Are broken off
  • Need restoration and have already been treated with a filling
  • Are cracked
  • Have been treated with a root canal procedure

The crown helps keep the tooth intact and also provides strength so the tooth can endure everyday wear and tear from eating. Crowns are custom-made to exactly fit your tooth and complement the rest of your teeth to maintain a proper bite.

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