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When Is A Tooth Extraction Recommended?

tooth extraction CarrolltonWhenever possible your dentist will most always try to save your biological teeth. But there are times when tooth extraction is needed; heed the advice provided by your dentist, and follow post operative instructions carefully for optimum healing.

Reasons for A Tooth Extraction

The need for having a tooth (or teeth) pulled or removed can result from:

Overcrowding: When teeth emerge that exceed the amount of jaw space available, existing teeth can be pushed out of position to make room. Or when space is limited, teeth may become impacted or grow irregularly into unusual places. The dentist will recommend extraction if this should occur. Very often, removing teeth for this reason is a precursor for teeth straightening measures.

Wisdom Teeth: Also known as third molars, these are the final teeth to erupt usually occurring in the late teens. Most people have four wisdom teeth located at the back of the mouth, one on each arch. The extraction of one or all wisdom teeth may be recommended as a preventative action to avoid future problems.

Tooth Damage: If a tooth has become deeply damaged due to trauma, its removal may be required. A tooth impacted by infection, deep decay, or damage may undergo a root canal first to see if it can be saved.

Gum Disease: There are many steps that can be taken before extraction becomes necessary, but if gum disease has ravaged the bone that holds teeth in place, those actions may not be enough to save teeth. There are a lot of reasons that gum disease can occur … lack of proper hygiene, poor diet, genetics, drug and/or tobacco use … and certain illnesses and diseases can contribute to periodontitis. Whatever the cause, if deep cleaning or dental surgery are not able to remedy the situation, extraction is likely.

The Effects of Tooth Loss

The loss of one or more teeth can be problematic … remaining teeth can shift creating bite issues, keeping the area where tooth loss occurred clean may be difficult, and aesthetics may result in a lack of self-confidence.

Our dentist will make recommendations when the need for tooth replacement is required. In many cases like wisdom teeth extraction or when overcrowding has occurred, teeth replacement is not an issue. Follow the advice provided to maintain your oral health when extraction is required.

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