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Are tooth colored fillings durable?

tooth colored fillings Carrollton TXA chipped tooth, dental stain, or dental decay can be treated with tooth colored fillings … the composite resin material used has many advantages over its predecessors, silver amalgam or metal.

Older Repairs 

Metal or amalgam were the only choices available for many years to repair broken or decaying teeth.

If one of those old fillings appears in your smile line, your dentist can remove that old filling and replace it with a tooth colored filling that will provide a repair that is aesthetically beautiful, durable, and eliminate that darkened silver repair that was placed years ago.

Present Day Uses for Composite Resin Fillings

Tooth colored fillings aren’t the only things that this plastic based resin can repair. Your dentist can make a chipped tooth appear whole again; dental stain is eliminated; and a cavity can be repaired. The advantages of using composite are plentiful.

Tooth colored fillings can be made to perfectly match existing dentition making any kind of repair virtually undetectable.

Deep dental stain that does not respond to attempts to lighten or remove it can be treated with the artful use of dental composite. Whether teeth are stained with white or dark spots, your dentist can apply the tooth colored material and blend away discoloration.

The differences in a cavity treated with composite resin versus dental amalgam include:

Amalgam: Much more of the tooth must be removed to place an amalgam filling. After decay is removed, your dentist will pack the tooth with the silver filling, and make it appear as good as a silver filling can.

Composite: Much less of a healthy tooth is removed. A small amount of resin is placed, and a curing light is applied before the next layer is added. This process continues until the tooth is filled. Your dentist will fashion the filling to match surrounding teeth making this repair cosmetically beautiful.

Tooth colored fillings are durable; much less of the tooth is removed enhancing the integrity of the remaining natural tooth; and the plastic based, tooth colored resin is safe for all applications.

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