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The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removal CarrolltonUndergoing wisdom teeth removal can improve your quality of life and your oral health. Retaining wisdom teeth can present a number of concerns. For instance, those who have their wisdom teeth develop higher risks for common conditions like dental caries and periodontal disease. The benefits of this procedure might surprise you. Here we explain why removing your wisdom teeth is a great investment in your health.

Reduced Orofacial Discomfort

Keeping your wisdom teeth can make your daily life painful. Wisdom tooth retention is associated with recurring orofacial discomfort. From tenderness near the jaw to frequent headaches, keeping wisdom teeth can make your life far less enjoyable.

More Comfortable Oral Function

Wisdom teeth may also cause discomfort when you’re eating and speaking. This is often because wisdom teeth have shifted other teeth out of place so that when you eat, your teeth make contact in places they shouldn’t. Keeping these teeth may also lead to TMJ disorder, a condition that impairs oral function.

Protect the Results of Orthodontic Treatment

If you have had braces in the past, it’s a good idea to have your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible. When wisdom teeth emerge, they tend to shift other teeth out of alignment because there is not enough room for their arrival. This means patients may see their teeth become crowded, overlapped, and crooked. Orthodontic treatment is expensive and time consuming so it’s wise to protect one’s investment in their smile.

Improve Oral Hygiene Efficacy

Since wisdom teeth tend to cause crowding, it can become more difficult to clean them with brushing and flossing. Leftover food and surface debris can easily become trapped between improperly spaced teeth.

Reduce Oral Health Risks

Patients who keep their wisdom teeth have higher risks for gum disease and tooth decay. Wisdom teeth typically become impacted – or, partially erupted. Food and debris tend to get stuck in partially erupted teeth. Moreover, dental caries is a concern since the presence of wisdom teeth impairs thorough oral hygiene. We provide comfortable wisdom teeth extractions. Call Bliss Dental to schedule a consultation with our dentist.