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Porcelain veneers: Affordable luxury

veneers carrolltonWhat would be the one thing you would change about your smile if you could? Remove stain or discoloration; close unwanted gaps between teeth; make your teeth appear less misshapen; or fix chipped or broken teeth? There is a minimally invasive procedure that can correct many cosmetic dental maladies: porcelain veneers.

Our dentist will consult with you to demonstrate the many ways veneers can improve your appearance. Veneers are wafer thin shells that are made to match neighboring teeth that do not require correction. This means that you can correct one or multiple teeth, and no one will be able to tell you’ve undergone the dental correction.

Why are veneers so popular when it comes to cosmetic dental repair? The veneers are made from porcelain making them stain resistant. Teeth covered with veneers are strengthened when porcelain is cemented to the front of the patient’s teeth.

This affordable process allows your dentist to enhance your smile by covering:

Dental stain – When stubborn intrinsic stains mar your smile, veneers can take dull, stained, and drab teeth to white and bright. To enjoy the whitest smile possible, your dentist may recommend whitening your teeth first so your veneers can be matched to your new dental shade. This is important as porcelain is not impacted by teeth whitening.

Unwanted gaps – Those spaces between your teeth may have been “cute” when you were a child, but are a distraction now. Veneers appear to close those gaps completely.

Crooked, uneven teeth – You may have a few teeth that lack symmetry making you self-conscious about your smile. Veneers can even out your smile by making your teeth appear straight and uniform in size.

Chipped teeth – Dental enamel is strong, but not invincible. Teeth can chip and break. It is not necessary to undergo extensive repair when veneers can cover up the problem.

Our dentist will prepare your teeth by removing a very small amount of the enamel (about the thickness of the veneer itself) from the front of teeth to receive the veneers. Part of the preparation involves roughing up the tooth’s surface to provide better gripping. The veneers are temporarily placed to guarantee a proper fit and excellent appearance.

If needed, minor adjustments can be made at this time. Once everyone is satisfied with the result, the veneers are cemented in place making this a permanent, affordable smile makeover.

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