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How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

teeth whitening carrolltonTeeth whitening is a popular and simple way to dramatically transform the look of your teeth. Whitening can eliminate surface staining and remove that brownish or yellowish look your teeth can develop over time. Whitening treatment typically lasts a few months, and can last even longer with occasional touch-up treatments.

Teeth Whitening and How It Works

Teeth whitening treatment works well for intrinsic staining, or discoloration that affects only the surfaces of the teeth. An in-office, professional strength whitening treatment uses a powerful bleaching agent to remove stains from the surfaces of your teeth. This staining is usually caused by exposure to foods like coffee, tea, or dark-colored foods or beverages. Nicotine is also a common culprit for stained teeth.

To administer a teeth whitening treatment, our dentist applies a whitening agent directly to the surfaces of the teeth. The softer tissues of your mouth, such as your gums, lips, and tongue, are protected with plastic guards and a protective gel our dentist applies. The whitener remains on your teeth for about twenty minutes, then is removed and reapplied. A typical treatment lasts about an hour, with three separate applications of whitener.[pullquote]A typical treatment lasts about an hour, with three separate applications of whitener.[/pullquote]

Your teeth will look whiter immediately after your treatment, but you’ll see the full effect after a few days. If you take care of your teeth and avoid additional staining, the results will last for several months.

Keeping Your Teeth White

After your whitening treatment, you’ll want to do your best to prevent additional staining. Avoid nicotine, coffee, tea, fruit juices, or other staining agents. This will keep your teeth white and help your whitening treatment last as long as possible. Also be sure to visit our dentist regularly for professional cleanings, fluoride treatments, and to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

If your teeth do become discolored again, you can return to the dentist for a touch-up treatment. If you avoid staining agents, brush and floss regularly, visit our dentist twice a year, and have an occasional touch-up whitening treatment, your teeth will stay looking their best and whitest.

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