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How long do fillings last?

tooth colored fillings CarrolltonTooth colored fillings have been around for decades, and with their flexibility, they can be used for more than just repairing dental decay.

Improvements to the composite resin material used in bonding and fillings have produced long lasting, beautiful restorations that are usually completed in one dental visit. The many uses include:

Decay repair – until the creation of composite resin, cavities were filled using silver amalgam. While still in limited use in some communities, repairing a cavity with amalgam requires more of the tooth’s structure be removed to fill the tooth. In addition, the appearance of an almost invisible tooth colored filling versus a big clump of silver metal in your mouth make using composite resin the logical choice.

Aesthetic enhancements – The same basic product that is used to repair a cavity has many cosmetic uses such as covering dental spots or stain, repairing chipped teeth, closing small gaps between teeth and protecting teeth that have experienced gum recession.

For cosmetic repair, a consultation will explain the advantages of using composite resin over a more invasive procedure. Depending on the extent of the repair, very often it can be completed during this same visit.

The bonding process involves removing a small amount of dental enamel. The tooth’s surface needs to be slightly rough to strengthen the bond of the repair material to the tooth. As your dentist places the bonding material, a special light will be used to cure the material. Once the bonding is applied, your dentist will be able to shape the material so this repair will match surrounding teeth in size and shape. Depending on the extent of the correction, an anesthetic may be used for the patient’s comfort.

Tooth colored fillings used to repair dental decay are strong, and since much less of the tooth needs to be removed to complete the filling, there is less impact on the structural integrity of the tooth. You can expect a composite resin filling to last indefinitely barring a traumatic event to the tooth.

The final result for teeth treated with the tooth colored filling material is a nearly invisible repair, and an enhancement that is gorgeous as it reflects light naturally because of its translucent realistic properties.

Whether it is cosmetic bonding or cavity repair, composite resin provides the best result for longevity and aesthetic value. Call us at Bliss Dental today to discuss your treatment options with our team!