Invisalign® Provides Clear Orthodontics

dallas invisalignWhen you have crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth, this could mean you need orthodontic treatment to avoid poor oral health and smile esthetics. Our team can offer a cosmetic approach with a series of clear and comfortable aligners. Our Dallas, TX, dentist office can correct your uneven smile with Invisalign®.

When Smiles Need Orthodontic Treatment

Misalignment could occur due to issues with the growth of your jaw or the eruption of your teeth, or even as a result of premature tooth loss. The causes vary, but the results often mean an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as jaw joint disorders like TMD or bruxism (teeth grinding). Misalignment impacts far more than just the appearance of your smile. When you have uneven teeth, you should consider orthodontic treatment to correct your smile and improve your oral health. With Invisalign®, we can do so with clear aligners instead of metal braces.

Creating Your Clear Aligners

Instead of metal brackets and wires, this treatment option will use a series of clear aligners to shift the teeth into optimal positions. Each set is custom-made for your smile. To get started, our team will carefully examine your smile with detailed digital technology, gathering images and measurements that can be used in a lab setting to design and fabricate your aligners. Each set is made from a BPA-free plastic material, one that is clear in appearance and provides a comfortable fit.

The Invisalign® Treatment Option

The treatment process involves wearing a set of your aligners for about 20 to 22 hours a day on average. After two weeks, you begin wearing the next set in the series for a similar amount of time. Your teeth are gradually and gently repositioned, with optimal results available in as little as a year for adults, or 18 months for teens. This is far shorter than the time required for metal braces, and you have fewer office visits too. The aligners themselves are easy to clean and use, and fit comfortably to prevent gum and cheek irritation.

You can also remove them as needed before meals, so no need to alter your diet or avoid certain items. Being removable also means that brushing and flossing is simpler and more effective, protecting your oral health during treatment. You can also take them out for special occasions, provided you wear them for the amount of time our team recommends. If you have any questions about Invisalign®, then contact our team today.

Talk To Your Aubrey, TX Dentist About Our Clear Orthodontics

We want to offer a cosmetic and effective method of treating your dental misalignment. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 307-7777.


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