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How soon can I return to work/school after wisdom tooth extraction?

tooth extraction CarrolltonAre you having your wisdom teeth removed? If so, you likely have questions about your post-operative recovery. Since a tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, you can expect to need time to recover before you resume normal activities. Most people can return to work or school within two to three days after their procedures; however, those who work physically laborious jobs may need a little more time. In addition to resting for a few days after your wisdom tooth extraction, you will need to make some temporary lifestyle changes to facilitate a more comfortable and expedient recovery. Following is important information to help you enjoy optimal healing.

What to Eat after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In the days following your tooth extraction, it is important to adopt a liquid/soft diet. Eating crunchy and hard food items could cause increased discomfort and slow down healing. Fortunately, these dietary restrictions are only temporary. Foods you can eat after a tooth extraction include:
  • Smoothies (be careful not to use a straw as the suction could harm extraction sites)
  • Soft-boiled, steamed, and mashed vegetables like potatoes, peas, and cauliflower
  • Broth-based and pureed soups
  • Yogurt
  • Tofu
  • Scrambled, boiled, and over easy eggs

Things to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

On top of avoiding hard food items, it is important to protect extraction sites from irritation. Avoid touching extraction sites with your tongue or your fingers. When performing oral hygiene, be careful not to brush near extraction sites or floss until you have healed. You may gargle salt water to help keep your mouth clean after your procedure. Avoid drinking anything that is overly hot as it could cause irritation to surgical sites and increase discomfort. How to Improve Your Comfort Apply cold compresses to the outside of your face the day of and the day following wisdom teeth extraction. This can reduce swelling, which will help alleviate discomfort. Be sure to take over-the-counter and prescription medications exactly as directed by our dentist. These medications will help control pain so that you can rest comfortably after your treatment. If you have questions about an upcoming tooth extraction, call Bliss Dental to speak with our dentist.