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How Root Canals Restore Dental Health

man who needs root canal conceptThere are different ways to respond to issues with your oral health like dental decay and damage. For minor cosmetic injuries and smaller cavities, more conservative treatments are available. However, when a problem with your tooth is serious enough to threaten its inner structure, more involved care is necessary. Our Dallas, TX dental office is ready to help you if you have a problem with a more severe tooth issue. Through root canal therapy, we are able to access and resolve problems within the tooth structure. From there, we can seal the tooth and provide a custom crown to keep it safe in the long term.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal To Restore My Oral Health?

Root canal treatments respond to problems that impact the inner health of our teeth. Trouble within the tooth structure can be uncomfortable, as this space contains living nerves and vessels that support the structure’s overall health. It is also a concern because bacteria that make their way into this central space can move on through the roots and create problems elsewhere. The longer it takes you to do something about an oral health issue that may require a root canal, the more you put yourself at risk for further complications that lead to tooth loss and other complications.

We Can Carefully Tend To Trouble Within Your Tooth Structure

After carefully accessing your tooth’s inner structure, your dentist will remove the infected tissues and respond to problems with the bacteria located in this space. Once this is done, the space is disinfected and sealed to prevent new trouble from occurring. After this work is done, treatment with a dental crown will keep the tooth safe in the long term.

Protecting Your Tooth After Your Procedure

Dental crowns provide permanent protection for teeth affected by severe cavities and injuries, including those that need to undergo root canal therapy. With that crown, we surround the remaining tooth structure so that it remains safe and does not interfere with your ability to bite and chew comfortably. Care is taken throughout the process to make sure you have a restoration that fits properly and does not affect your neighboring teeth. We also see to it that you have the functional support needed to put bite pressure on it like you would a natural tooth.

Talk To Your Aubrey, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Root Canal

Root canals restore oral health by responding to serious threats within the tooth structure. We can evaluate your problem tooth to determine if this service is needed. If so, we can proceed to protect your tooth and provide a custom crown that keeps it free from new problems. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 307-7777.