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Eliminate Tough Dental Stains With Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening CarrolltonOne of the most economical and efficient ways to a smile makeover is with teeth whitening. But not every product provides the same results … your dentist has access to whitening products that have been tested for safety and proven results. So if you are considering teeth whitening, consult with your dental provider before spending your hard earned dollars on products that make promises, but may not deliver the desired results.

If your dentist recommends having your teeth cleaned before teeth whitening, this is good advice. Removing topical stains as well as plaque will allow you to begin whitening with a clean slate.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Your dentist is someone you can trust to provide you with teeth whitening products that have received the dental seal of approval. Products acquired online or at your local market or drug store may not be able to make this claim.

Generic products like pastes, gels, rinses, blue lights, and strips may give you small, temporary results. But once you have invested in these products, and fail to get the results you wanted, you are stuck with the latest fad that made promises, but couldn’t deliver.

Your dentist is not going to disappear off the shelf as many whitening products do when they don’t perform as advertised. Your dental provider is there to answer questions, address concerns, and assist you in any way in your quest for a smile makeover.

Caring For Your Newly Whitened Teeth 

Understanding what can cause dental stain may help you maintain your newly lightened teeth. Many stains come from lifestyle habits like tobacco use; neglect or using the wrong products for your daily oral care; or foods and beverages we consume.

If you drink coffee, tea, cola, or red wine regularly, you need to rinse your teeth or drink water as well to keep teeth flushed.

Foods with staining capability include many berries, tomato based and dark sauces like soy or balsamic vinegar, and certain spices like curry … to name a few.

Teeth whitening is a fabulous tool to brighten your smile, but it is not a permanent solution. You should avoid or limit those things known to stain; brush and floss daily; and visit our team at Bliss Dental every six months for a professional cleaning to keep teeth looking their best.