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Why has my dentist recommended wisdom tooth removal?

Why-has-my-dentist-recommended-wisdom-tooth-removal-dallas-txHas a medical professional recommended that you have your wisdom teeth extracted? Perhaps you are wondering whether this procedure is necessary. Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the most frequently extracted teeth because they pose many threats to one’s oral health. Removing third molars is often a precautionary measure that helps reduce a patient’s risk for gum disease, dental caries, and abscesses. Our team offers comprehensive oral health care including gentle wisdom tooth extractions.

Why are wisdom teeth a threat to my oral health?

Third molars are a threat to oral health for a few different reasons. First, their placement at the back of the mouth makes them difficult to keep clean. Secondly, wisdom teeth rarely have enough room to come through the gums properly. This means that wisdom teeth become stuck in the gums and if any of the tooth’s crown erupts at all, it is normally only a portion. Partially erupted teeth increase the risk for gum disease and tooth decay. With only a part of the crown exposed, food and bacteria collect under the gums. Lastly, since adult teeth are already well established, wisdom teeth can cause existing teeth to shift out of alignment. In many cases, wisdom tooth eruption will cause teeth to crowd and even overlap.

Are there other complications associated with retaining third molars?

Yes, in addition to an increased risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and unhealthy tooth movement, there are other complications associated with keeping wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly produce uncomfortable symptoms like headaches and facial pain. Discomfort caused by third molars affects quality of life, often on a daily basis.

How will I know when it is time to have my wisdom teeth removed?

The best way to determine when to have a wisdom tooth extraction is by consulting with a dentist. During oral examinations, our team can monitor the progress of wisdom tooth eruption through a physical examination and diagnostic technology. When wisdom teeth require removal, we will develop a treatment plan that suits your unique needs and situation.

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