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Dental Myth: All Teeth Whitening Options are the Same

teeth whitening CarrolltonNot all teeth whitening options are created equal. In fact, it’s a common misconception that store-bought teeth whitening products effectively whiten teeth. The truth is that the best way to improve the color of your teeth is to visit a dentist for a professional whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening is more than effective; it’s also safe and long lasting.

Why Over the Counter Whitening Falls Short

If you’re tempted to buy a teeth whitening kit from your nearest pharmacy retailer or grocery store, you might want to reconsider. Store bought whitening products like strips, rinses, and toothpastes are not strong enough to lift permanent tooth stains that form below tooth enamel.

While some of these products might lighten teeth a shade or two by addressing surface stains, their formulas can contribute to permanent tooth sensitivity.

Since over the counter whitening is often ineffective and potentially harmful, it’s best to save your money and opt for a professional whitening treatment.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

Unlike store bought products, professional teeth whitening solutions are prescription grade. This means that professional formulas contain potent concentrations of active ingredients that effectively lighten teeth below their enamel layer. Patients receiving professional teeth whitening can expect to see their teeth lighten eight to ten shades whiter.

In addition to stronger formulas, professional whitening solutions do not contain harsh abrasives that contribute to tooth sensitivity. Since these formulas are potent enough to lighten deep stains, abrasives aren’t necessary.

Those receiving professional whitening are under the care of a dentist, who can ensure their safety. When it comes to in-office treatments, precautions are taken to ensure that whitening solutions do not irritate soft oral structures. This means that oral healthcare providers will use protective lip balms, liquid dam, and gauze to keep whitening solutions off the gums and linings of lips.

As for take-home professional whitening, patients enjoy custom trays to keep whitening solutions on teeth and away from sensitive oral structures.

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