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Will My Dental Crown Be Noticeable?

dental crowns CarrolltonDental crowns are a fabulous tool that can perform many functions. Improvements to materials used to make crowns has advanced in recent years … porcelain and ceramic have been added to metallic and gold crowns. With the emergence of aesthetically beautiful treatment options, patients can undergo many dental procedures without anyone knowing dental work has been completed.

Dental Crown Uses

A broken or cracked tooth can be saved using a dental crown. Dentists will most always recommend salvaging a natural tooth over extraction wherever possible, and a crown allows for that possibility.

Dental decay can occur even in a tooth previously treated for a cavity. Very often trying to treat deepened decay can be difficult. Crowns are very useful for this application.

Trauma, infection, or decay may result in the need for a root canal. In this dental procedure, an access point is required to reach and remove the contents of the tooth’s root canals. Once completed, the access point must be sealed. A crown is often the treatment utilized for this purpose.

If tooth loss should occur, there are multiple options to replace lost dentition. A fixed partial or bridge requires that the teeth on both sides of the lost teeth be crowned. These teeth are referred to as abutment teeth and the teeth that will represent the ones lost are called pontics. The finished result will provide the patient with the ability to chew properly, speak clearly, and enjoy smiling and laughing as if tooth loss never occurred.

In some cases, tooth loss may be resolved with a dental implant. The final step with this procedure involves placing a cosmetic restoration that has been made to match surrounding teeth so perfectly, no one will be able to discern which tooth has been replaced.

Aesthetics Are Important

Required dental work can also look great. With the many tasks that dental crowns undertake, it is important that your dentist provide you with a treatment option that will work best for you, and that will also provide many years of functionality while looking fabulous.

Caring for crowned teeth is the same as what you do for all teeth. Brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, floss to remove what your toothbrush missed, and visit Bliss Dental every six months for cleaning and a dental exam.