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Do I Really Need Dental Check-ups Every Six Months?

far north Dallas dental officeIn a word … YES! The importance of caring for your teeth is every bit as crucial as what you do for your overall health. Dental and overall health are closely linked so the care you provide to your teeth and gums will help to maximize your overall good health. Keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist provides an important step in helping support both your appearance and your general well-being.

What Occurs During A Dental Check-up? 

Either your dentist or hygienist will begin with a quick check for any changes you’ve undergone since your last visit. Any dental x-rays required are generally performed at this time. Dental x-rays provide an excellent tool that allows your dentist to see any changes you may be undergoing from visit to visit.

The actual cleaning process is done to remove tartar – this is the hard product that builds on teeth. It comes from the foods we eat and beverages we drink, and the only way to remove it is with a trip to your dental office.

Plaque and tartar generally settle around the base of teeth and can lead to decay formation and the onset of gum disease. Having these substances removed is important to maintaining oral health. In addition to tartar removal, topical dental stain is treated. Teeth are flossed and polished to look their best.

Your dentist will perform an exam that involves checking for obvious problems like cavities, broken teeth, and any dental malady. But a most crucial step in this exam is looking for signs of oral cancer. This one exam could actually save your life.

What You Are Responsible for Between Dental Visits

Brush at least twice every day using a fluoridated toothpaste. The proper technique is needed to help maintain dental enamel and prevent premature gum erosion.

Floss every day. Your toothbrush only reaches about two thirds of the surfaces of your teeth. Floss to remove what your toothbrush can’t reach.

Don’t use tobacco. Any type of tobacco use is going to impact your oral health in a negative way.

Hydrate every day. Drinking water is optimum; add fruit or a sugar free flavoring to keep it interesting.

Maintain a healthy diet – crunchy fruits and vegetables are a much healthier snack choice than crackers, chips, or sweets.

If it’s time to schedule your next checkup and cleaning, contact our team at Bliss Dental today.