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Is daily flossing really that important?

dentist EulessWhen you visit your dentist, you may be asked if you are flossing … the reason is not to berate or scold. Did you know that when you brush your teeth, you’re only reaching about two thirds of the surfaces of your teeth? That is because the remaining one third is located between your teeth … an area your toothbrush can’t reach. So a simple answer to your question is YES, flossing really is that important.

What Does Flossing Do?

When you floss between teeth, you are removing food debris left behind. Areas between teeth are often the spots where decay begins. Debris that is left if you don’t floss eventually can allow plaque and tartar buildup. The bacteria in plaque and tartar work to remove the minerals in the hard outer protective layer of your teeth – the enamel. Once enamel is breached, this can mean the onset of decay.

In addition, flossing daily provides a great stimulus for gum tissue. When performed correctly, the massaging effect from flossing keeps blood flowing throughout gum tissue enhancing overall gum tissue health.

There are multiple flossing products on the market today. It does not matter which one is used, but the frequency and technique are important.

Floss once a day … it is advised that flossing at night right before bed is ideal. Brush first, floss, and be sure to rinse thoroughly as you want everything to be flushed from your mouth.

The technique can mean the difference between a good job and a painful result. Make sure to floss between all teeth. Do not exert a lot of pressure against gum tissue.

What Else Should I Know About Flossing? 

You are taking steps to prevent the onset of gum disease as well as decay prevention. Patients who take great care of their teeth and gums are much less likely to be faced with problems associated with gingivitis and periodontitis.

So whether you use regular dental floss, floss picks, floss threaders, a water pic, or any other type of flossing product, you are taking the steps needed to maintain your oral health.

And remember to honor all concerns regarding your dental health … do not use tobacco in any form, watch what you eat and drink, brush and floss every day, and visit our team at Bliss Dental every six months or as directed.