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3 Signs You’re Losing Tooth Enamel

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest mineral substance in the human body? Unfortunately, despite its strength, it can wear away over time.  If your enamel begins to weaken or erode, you’re at increased risk of tooth decay. It’s important to know the signs of tooth enamel loss so you can take steps for prevention.

Why Is Tooth Enamel Important?

Tooth enamel is a clear mineral layer located on the outside of teeth. It protects the tooth from damage caused by chewing or biting. It also helps protect the teeth from extreme temperatures and acids. As the enamel breaks down, your tooth becomes more susceptible to cavities and decay that could lead to painful infections. These are 3 major signs that you could be losing tooth enamel:

1. Your Teeth Feel More Sensitive

If you start to lose tooth enamel, you’ll lose the barrier between hot and cold foods and drinks that can cause tooth pain. You might also feel a slight twinge if you eat sweet foods. If you feel extreme pain when eating hot or cold foods, your teeth could be in an advanced state of enamel loss.

2. Your Teeth Look and Feel Different

As tooth enamel starts to erode, more of your tooth’s dentin becomes exposed. This can cause your teeth to look more yellow because they won’t be as protected from stains. You might also notice that your teeth look especially shiny, or that they feel rougher. You might see more chips or cracks or even notice indentations on the surface of your teeth.

3. You Have These Health Problems or Lifestyle Habits

One of the major causes of loss of enamel is exposure to acid. If you drink coffee, soda, or fruit juices, or you have acid reflux, your enamel might be weakening. Using harsh objects to scrape or brush your teeth can also cause tooth enamel abrasion. Additionally, if too much plaque accumulates on your teeth and gums, harmful bacteria can cause loss of tooth enamel.

What Can You Do About Tooth Enamel Loss?

You can’t increase the amount of tooth enamel you have, but you can take steps to prevent further loss. You should continue to brush and floss regularly and reduce exposing your teeth to acidic foods and drinks.

Contact a Professional Today!

It’s also important to speak to a dental professional. If you notice any of these signs that you’re losing tooth enamel, reach out to Bliss Dental today to schedule an appointment.