The ABC’s of Family Dentistry

far north dallas family dentistFinding the right family dentist is every bit as important as finding the right family doctor. You want to be sure your children have the best possible care so they’ll grow up with strong, healthy teeth. You’ll also want to be sure your dentist monitors the growth of your child’s teeth to be sure they are properly aligned.

Choosing a Family Dentist

When you choose a family dentist, you want to find someone who has experience with both adult and childhood dental issues. You should be able to find a dentist who can serve your whole family out of the same dental office. The office should be family-friendly, and the dentist and her staff should all have experience with patients of all ages. For children in particular, it’s important that the dental office provide a non-threatening experience and have a waiting area where a child feels welcome.[pullquote]You should be able to find a dentist who can serve your whole family out of the same dental office.[/pullquote]

Ways to choose a family dentist include:

  • Ask for referrals from friends
  • If you’re moving to a new area, ask a Realtor who in town has a good reputation
  • Look online for a practice that stresses family-friendliness

When you’re looking online for a dentist, you can check for experience in pediatric dentistry and see what kinds of certifications the dentist has. You might also be able to schedule a consultation so you can meet and talk to the dentist.

Taking Children to the Dentist

When you take your child to the family dentist, try to minimize his anxiety by talking to him before you go. You can watch recordings designed to teach children about the dentist and what will happen when he goes. You can also play games where you take turns pretending to be the dentist, which will help him feel more relaxed and comfortable when he’s in the dentist’s chair.

Making sure your child is anxiety-free when he sees the dentist will help him grow up accepting visits to the dentist as a normal, ordinary occurrence. Choosing the right family dentist can go a long way toward preventing dental anxiety as your child grows to adulthood.

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