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The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

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tooth colored fillings CarrolltonThe use of tooth colored fillings has enhanced the appearance of many patients. This material provides solutions for cosmetic improvements as well as to correct dental decay. The result from using tooth colored fillings has made dental repairs a much more aesthetically pleasing experience than ever before. 

The composite resin used for cavity repair can be matched to your natural tooth color making decay correction virtually impossible to detect. While silver amalgam was the standard for many decades, tooth colored fillings are designed to be long lasting; leave the damaged tooth stronger (material is bonded to the tooth – not just filling a hole drilled into the tooth); and since much less of the natural tooth is removed when repaired with composite, the tooth’s integrity is left stronger.

If a composite filling is damaged, it can usually be repaired … unlike its amalgam counterpart which usually requires total replacement.

Bonding is a tool your dentist can use to correct a chipped tooth, help blend away deep dental stain, and correct worn dentition. The material is malleable allowing your dentist to craft away problems; with each layer put in place, a laser is used to harden it in preparation for the next layer.

Cosmetic Advantages

The tooth colored filling material used for fillings and in many cosmetic applications provides a much more aesthetically pleasing result. Your dentist can color match to your natural shade making many corrections virtually impossible to detect.

Old fillings that were treated with silver amalgam have darkened over time affecting your appearance. Those fillings can be safely removed and replaced with the tooth colored filling material. 


As in most cases, preventive measures are more advantageous than having to be reactive. With that in mind, make sure you eat a healthy diet (fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, healthy grains); avoid soda and sugary beverages (water is a better choice; if you are going to drink a soda, consume with a meal – don’t sip on it all day).

Do not smoke or use tobacco in any form.

Brush twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste for the recommended two minutes; floss every day to remove debris your toothbrush missed; and visit our team at Bliss Dental every six months (or as recommended) for cleaning and dental exam.

Are tooth colored fillings durable?

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tooth colored fillings Carrollton TXA chipped tooth, dental stain, or dental decay can be treated with tooth colored fillings … the composite resin material used has many advantages over its predecessors, silver amalgam or metal.

Older Repairs 

Metal or amalgam were the only choices available for many years to repair broken or decaying teeth.

If one of those old fillings appears in your smile line, your dentist can remove that old filling and replace it with a tooth colored filling that will provide a repair that is aesthetically beautiful, durable, and eliminate that darkened silver repair that was placed years ago.

Present Day Uses for Composite Resin Fillings

Tooth colored fillings aren’t the only things that this plastic based resin can repair. Your dentist can make a chipped tooth appear whole again; dental stain is eliminated; and a cavity can be repaired. The advantages of using composite are plentiful.

Tooth colored fillings can be made to perfectly match existing dentition making any kind of repair virtually undetectable.

Deep dental stain that does not respond to attempts to lighten or remove it can be treated with the artful use of dental composite. Whether teeth are stained with white or dark spots, your dentist can apply the tooth colored material and blend away discoloration.

The differences in a cavity treated with composite resin versus dental amalgam include:

Amalgam: Much more of the tooth must be removed to place an amalgam filling. After decay is removed, your dentist will pack the tooth with the silver filling, and make it appear as good as a silver filling can.

Composite: Much less of a healthy tooth is removed. A small amount of resin is placed, and a curing light is applied before the next layer is added. This process continues until the tooth is filled. Your dentist will fashion the filling to match surrounding teeth making this repair cosmetically beautiful.

Tooth colored fillings are durable; much less of the tooth is removed enhancing the integrity of the remaining natural tooth; and the plastic based, tooth colored resin is safe for all applications.

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Are there risks associated with amalgam fillings?

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tooth colored fillings CarrolltonFor decades, amalgam fillings, made of a combination of several metals, have been the standard for restoring decayed teeth. In recent years, however, more people have turned to tooth-colored fillings because they are more realistic looking. Some people have also decided against amalgam because of concerns about the mercury included in the mix of metals.

What are Amalgam Fillings?

If you’ve needed a filling recently, chances are your dentist offered you a choice between traditional amalgam fillings and tooth-colored fillings. You might have even discussed the possibility of replacing your old fillings with new ones made of dental resin. Before you make this decision, it’s important to know the facts about dental amalgam and the advantages offered by alternative materials.

Dental amalgam is made of a mixture of metals that includes silver, tin, and copper mixed into liquid mercury, which binds it all together. It has been used in dentistry for about 150 years. It is relatively inexpensive and strong enough to keep your tooth intact in the presence of normal wear and tear. Some people have expressed concern that the mercury in the amalgam releases small quantities of mercury vapor that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. To date, no studies have proven any severe side effects related to this phenomenon. However, this concern, as well as other considerations, has led many patients to choose tooth-colored alternatives that do not contain mercury.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings—also called composite fillings—are made of a resin that bonds to the tooth in a way that amalgam cannot. This can help hold a tooth together if it has experienced minor cracks or other damage that can be caused by cavities. Other advantages of composite fillings include:

  • They do not respond to changes in temperature
  • They cannot conduct temperature to the tooth’s interior
  • Your dentist generally has to remove less of the tooth to make room for the filling
  • They can be used to modify the tooth’s shape if necessary

If you need a filling, be sure to talk to your dentist about your options. Also check with your insurance company to find out their policy on tooth-colored fillings versus dental amalgam.

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How long do fillings last?

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tooth colored fillings CarrolltonTooth colored fillings have been around for decades, and with their flexibility, they can be used for more than just repairing dental decay.

Improvements to the composite resin material used in bonding and fillings have produced long lasting, beautiful restorations that are usually completed in one dental visit. The many uses include:

Decay repair – until the creation of composite resin, cavities were filled using silver amalgam. While still in limited use in some communities, repairing a cavity with amalgam requires more of the tooth’s structure be removed to fill the tooth. In addition, the appearance of an almost invisible tooth colored filling versus a big clump of silver metal in your mouth make using composite resin the logical choice.

Aesthetic enhancements – The same basic product that is used to repair a cavity has many cosmetic uses such as covering dental spots or stain, repairing chipped teeth, closing small gaps between teeth and protecting teeth that have experienced gum recession.

For cosmetic repair, a consultation will explain the advantages of using composite resin over a more invasive procedure. Depending on the extent of the repair, very often it can be completed during this same visit.

The bonding process involves removing a small amount of dental enamel. The tooth’s surface needs to be slightly rough to strengthen the bond of the repair material to the tooth. As your dentist places the bonding material, a special light will be used to cure the material. Once the bonding is applied, your dentist will be able to shape the material so this repair will match surrounding teeth in size and shape. Depending on the extent of the correction, an anesthetic may be used for the patient’s comfort.

Tooth colored fillings used to repair dental decay are strong, and since much less of the tooth needs to be removed to complete the filling, there is less impact on the structural integrity of the tooth. You can expect a composite resin filling to last indefinitely barring a traumatic event to the tooth.

The final result for teeth treated with the tooth colored filling material is a nearly invisible repair, and an enhancement that is gorgeous as it reflects light naturally because of its translucent realistic properties.

Whether it is cosmetic bonding or cavity repair, composite resin provides the best result for longevity and aesthetic value. Call us at Bliss Dental today to discuss your treatment options with our team!

Tired of Old Discolored Fillings?

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tooth colored fillings carrolltonMetal amalgam fillings are a common approach to tooth restoration, used to restore teeth after decayed areas have been removed. In time, however, these fillings can become discolored and make the surrounding teeth look darker. Replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings gives you a more natural look.

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings Made Of?

Tooth-colored fillings are generally made of either porcelain or a composite resin. Porcelain fillings are very durable, but must be custom-made, usually in an off-site laboratory. Your dentist removes the decayed area of your tooth—or removes your existing metal filling—then makes a cast that is used to make your final filling. Composite resin can be placed in the tooth in the dentist’s office just like metal amalgam. It is cured with a special light, making it hard and durable.

The type of tooth-colored filling you choose is based on your personal preference as well as that of your dentist. This type of filling can be designed to match or very closely approximate the color of your teeth, giving you a natural look and eliminating stains that can be caused by metal amalgam fillings.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Porcelain and resin fillings provide a number of advantages over metal fillings. These advantages have led many people to choose to have their old amalgam fillings replaced. Some of the advantages include:

  • Resin is more flexible and less likely to pull away from the surrounding tooth
  • Less tooth structure must be removed to make room for a resin filling
  • Tooth-colored fillings do not contain mercury, which concerns some patients

A disadvantage of tooth-colored fillings is that they tend not to last as long as metal amalgam. With proper care, however, they will serve you well for a decade or more. Your dentist will examine your new fillings on a regular basis during your routine examinations. Regular brushing and flossing will help reduce the chances of developing additional decay in other teeth or in other areas of the teeth you’ve already had restored.

If you’re looking to get tooth-colored fillings, contact our friendly team at Bliss Dental to schedule an appointment today!

Can anything be done about unattractive, discolored fillings?

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tooth colored fillings carrolltonTraditional fillings have been around for many years, and it’s only in the last few decades that a workable replacement has moved into mainstream dentistry. If you have metal fillings that have become discolored, you can have them replaced with tooth-colored fillings that are much more attractive.

Tooth Colored Fillings for a More Attractive Smile

Fillings have been a staple in dental reconstruction for a very long time. Traditionally, they are made of a metal amalgam. In recent years, however, more and more dentists are using tooth-colored fillings. These are made of plastic resins or porcelain. While not always as durable as metal fillings, they are more attractive, and some people feel they are better for your overall health.

One problem often associated with metal fillings is discoloration. They can become dark and unattractive and give your teeth a stained appearance. If you’re unhappy with the way your fillings look, talk to our dentist about tooth-colored replacements. If you’ve had tooth-colored fillings before and they’ve become stained, they also can be replaced with newer, color-matched versions to revitalize your smile.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Aside from the obvious advantage of matching your natural teeth, tooth-colored fillings provide additional advantages, including:

  • They don’t conduct heat and cold, which can result in discomfort
  • The resin bonds with your tooth to help prevent cracking
  • Resin does not expand and contract like amalgam
  • They do not contain mercury like amalgam fillings do
  • They don’t require as much drilling

Porcelain or resin fillings are often more expensive than metal fillings, but these advantages offset the additional cost. If taken care of, they will last nearly as long as amalgam fillings. They also reduce the possibility that your tooth will crack over time and require a crown. For teeth that experience considerable bite pressures, such as molars, wear might be more extreme, so be sure to discuss your options with our dentist.

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Tooth Colored Fillings: Enjoy a More Natural Looking Smile

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tooth colored fillings CarrolltonDental caries (tooth decay) are incredibly common. In fact, about 99% of people will develop at least one cavity in their lifetime. When teeth are damaged, a professional must repair them because, unlike other parts of the body, they do not self-heal. Small regions of decay are normally treated by a small restoration called a filling. A filling will restore the tooth’s shape and prevent the cavity from deepening. Our dentist provides a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments, including tooth colored fillings, to help our patients enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and gums.

Why Restorations are Necessary

To understand why restorative dentistry is sometimes a necessity, people should understand the basics of tooth anatomy. The outer layer of teeth (tooth enamel) is a mineralized barrier that prevents bacteria from eating through its softer, interior structures. When tooth enamel is broken down by wear and tear or weakened by exposure to acid, the underlying structures of teeth are virtually indefensible to cavity causing bacteria. For many people, enamel erosion and weakening is unavoidable and since damaged teeth cannot self-repair, restorations are needed to stop the spread of the cavity and restore a tooth to its rightful size.

How Fillings Restore Teeth

A filling replaces a small area of tooth decay by “filling in” the damage done by a cavity. Placing a filling is minimally invasive. Patients will only require a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be cleaned and its decayed portion will be removed. A filling is then bonded to the tooth. In the past, fillings were very noticeable. This is because they were made from amalgam, a dark metal compound. Today, however, a more natural looking option is available. Tooth colored fillings are made from composite resin. This compound is very durable and can be matched to the exact color of biological tooth structure. The result is a very discreet restoration that is unnoticeable to others.

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